Bunny Fuu Fuu Miscellaneous Voice
A Love Poems Reply Miscellaneous Voice
Demo reel 2013 Voice Demo Voice
Voice Spread Voice Demo Voice
The BackStage Pass EP 2 Comedy Voice
Relaxing and upbeat Classical Song
The 10th Kingdom Monologu Drama Voice
Sanctuary Dubstep Song
Accent Demo Voice Demo Voice
Stocking Audition Voice Demo Voice
Darkstar Quest Audition Voice Demo Voice
My Not So Pleasant Reveng Pop Song
Suddenly I see (TRY) Miscellaneous Song
Spellfall Chp10 Soultree1 Drama Voice
Yo Motha Comedy Loop
NG radio intro Voice Demo Song
Seduction Corruption Drama Song
Spellfall chp 6 prt 3 Drama Song
Demoniacally Delicious Comedy Song
Small Voice Demo Voice Demo Song
Dr.Seuss' Sleep Book Voice Demo Song
Spellfall chp2 prt2 Voice Demo Song
Collgate commercial Voice Demo Song
Spellfall chp2 prt1 Voice Demo Song
Spellfall Chp 1 Prt 3 Voice Demo Song
Spellfall chp1 prt2 Voice Demo Song
Spellfall chp1 prt 1 Voice Demo Song