Voice acting Blog Intro

2012-12-06 00:25:17 by anjidu

I decided to do a voice acting blog....I am sott about my voice btw....I am tired and have been doing a lot of voice stuff....after this I am not talking for a while >.< only for voice work.

Voice Acting Blog Intro Video

I would post it on here, but every time I post the embed video it tells me the url is not found >.<

well I hope you guys enjoy anyway


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2012-12-06 00:39:30

Nah, I like the pop-up nature of it... compact. Good idea and execution :3

anjidu responds:

thank you very much ^.^ I didn't want it to be boring. So I tried keeping it short as well.


2012-12-06 07:00:42

you're great voice actor and now i want u to try rapping or poetry and take a break from voice acting for temporally and Christmas is coming but it's a tiny bit to early to talk about it >.O

anjidu responds:

lol XD I can't rap....maybe poetry lol


2012-12-07 06:26:43

It's great that you're wanting to pass your experiences on to others :)

anjidu responds:

lol I figure it might help someone ^_^


2012-12-08 13:36:39

Dust didn't win, did it...

anjidu responds:

no TT.TT


2012-12-10 14:56:41

Blog start was epic!

anjidu responds:

thank you :D!!!!