Entry #36

Let's Read

2014-02-20 22:27:44 by anjidu

Everyone seems to be doing Let's plays recently, so I thought that I would try my hand at a Let's read ^.^. This is kinda a work in progress so I used my own story and art to start it off. I am hoping that I will be able to use other storys as well depending on the permissions of said story/poem. Well anyway, I hope you all enjoy! 






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2014-02-21 00:25:48

Nice Youtube video and plus you're smart ;) because you have an unique idea of "Let's read" . By the way I'm the first person to comment woo hoo XD.

anjidu responds:

Thank you!!! My friend and I were talking about it and I actually really loved the idea so I stuck with it ^>^


2014-02-21 18:04:16

Did Anna actually just make a post on Newgrounds?

anjidu responds:

Yeah....I got excited too. :3


2014-02-22 02:35:26

I love these

anjidu responds:

Good maybe more will appear :3


2015-04-27 10:56:26