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Let's Read

2014-02-20 22:27:44 by anjidu

Everyone seems to be doing Let's plays recently, so I thought that I would try my hand at a Let's read ^.^. This is kinda a work in progress so I used my own story and art to start it off. I am hoping that I will be able to use other storys as well depending on the permissions of said story/poem. Well anyway, I hope you all enjoy! 





Suezo and I have made my third voice acting blog!!

I have moved

2013-05-27 22:01:42 by anjidu

Yup, so I can't do any voice acting for maybe a month or so. I MIGHT be able to do some things, but other then very short snips of mid toned things, that's about it. I am gonna be using a shed to record in *hopefully I will have internet in there* If not I might have to buy a hot spot. I am about to spend a fortune, but if it's for voice acting i actually dont mind. I can't use the shed right now bc it has not been used in quite some time, and I am gonna need to fix it and soundproof it and everything. So excited!!! If anyone has any tips on sound proofing that I might not know go ahead and tell me! I am thinking of designs for it and everything and trying to think of the best ways to do it. I am hoping to have foam on soundproof drywall and putting it in a good pattern so I can paint characters I have voiced on the walls XD

Retrology on Youtube!

2013-03-25 12:35:13 by anjidu

So Retrology is a new series that I am going to be in. It has Suezo, Gabe, Nitro, Dom, and a couple other ppl i dont know what to call on the internet, who are working on building the story/characters and making it awesome!

If you want to check out the first episode of this series it is here

Not to mention we have thoughts of comic strip shorts to go with it
and here are the designs of our characters
Suezo,Nitro, Anjidu

Also if you like it or just want to stalk what we are doing we have groups on DA and on facebook 88551775

Voice Acting Blog

2013-01-16 02:33:39 by anjidu

Va Blog 1
VA Blog 2
Do you guys have any questions!? :D

I got some sexy legs

2012-12-12 22:02:18 by anjidu

LMAO XD Okies so I am working on an animation, and I just wanted to show you guys what I have so far. *Just so you really is short....less then a second*

My Animation Preview

It will be a LONG time before anything substantial will be out, but I just wanted to show you guys that I am doing something, but I wanted to tell you that I am also sick. For the past 4 days or so, but I am getting better. Deserves me right for doing about 8 hours of voice work no breaks. >.Voice Acting Blog

I got some sexy legs

Voice acting Blog Intro

2012-12-06 00:25:17 by anjidu

I decided to do a voice acting blog....I am sott about my voice btw....I am tired and have been doing a lot of voice stuff....after this I am not talking for a while >.< only for voice work.

Voice Acting Blog Intro Video

I would post it on here, but every time I post the embed video it tells me the url is not found >.<

well I hope you guys enjoy anyway /

there is the link at the top. pls pls pls vote for dust: an elysian tale

yes it is against minecraft but wouldn't you rather play minecraft on comp then 360 :D

this is my sad attempt to persuade XD

Flash Animation

2012-11-09 21:34:44 by anjidu

So, I have always wanted to do flash animation, but I never had the programs. My brother got me the programs a little bit ago and I messed with them for a while, and after an hour of feeling incompetent *kinda like I was just smashing my face repeatedly into my screen; because that is about how much work I got done in that hour* I finally watched some tutorials, and got a slight idea how to work the damned thing. Any~who, back to my story. I have always wanted to make an animation to the story of a very old play *turned into a very old movie* "Bell, Book, and Candle". Yes, it is overly girly, and Yes, I have a vagina so I absolutely love it, and will try my best to find a way to make it*. I was wondering if I had to change a lot of stuff for me to make it, or if I can just make it as is. I know about copyright and all that stuff, but I dont know how that will leak through into creating an animation. I am not saying this thing is going to come out anytime soon. It may never come out; because of work and voice acting and a mixture of other things I like to say when I am just feeling lazy. But still I would like to hear if you guys know anything about it, and I want to know if you guys think it would be something of interest to anyone. I dont want to bore people, but I will not change the core of the story; because I believe it to be absolutely wonderful.


Can you animate a story that isn't yours, but was made as a play, and turned into a movie?


Do you think anyone would even really care to watch an animation that is really girly on newgrounds?

Helpin Friends

2012-10-18 16:45:10 by anjidu

So, you know how you go to school, and all your websites are blocked? Well, there is a social network that allows you to talk to friends, post pic's, and create band accounts. Sorta like old school myspace, where you can completely revamp your page and everything. *Boy this sounds like a cheesy commercial, but i'm really serious* go to

How the site works is it changes domain names so when the site gets blocked it notifies the site and it changes. Whenever it changes it sends the new name to your email.

Ignore the front page it is only to throw off the teachers ^.~

I really hope this has helped some of you and your friends. ^.^ *being naughty at school that is XDDD
Probably not the best thing to be spouten but hey if it works I say use it.

Also, If you have suggestions for the site pls let me or contact your automatic first friend *the creator of the site* know.